The current global economic crisis and widespread attention on climate change have created an unprecedented boom in the demand for hybrid and electric vehicles and agricultural machinery. Hybrid vehicles and machines entering the market are inspiring the development of new engines combined with new, efficient energy converters. Complete conversion to this new generation of engines will require breakthroughs in battery technology, power electronics and transmission technology.

As these innovations in engine technology emerge, including electric and fuel cell engines, they will achieve an even more impressive reduction in energy consumption, toxic emissions and noise; improvements that cannot be achieved by conventional combustion engines.

We create, develop and manufacture economical and environmentally friendly machinery that contributes to sustainable agriculture. Our machines combine durability with great efficiency in a wide range of applications. Our customers benefit from effective, innovative products with high quality standards underpinned by outstanding service through our highly skilled workforce. We seek to achieve a strong market position and systematic cost management and continue to build the company through organic growth.


ATI AgroTech Industries AG was founded in April 2009 as ATI Advanced Technology International GmbH in Innsbruck, Austria by a team of experts, familiar with the challenges facing fruit farmers and the need to increase efficiency and reduce the amount of wasted fruit. Today we are based in Wollerau, Switzerland and in Graz, Austria with production facilities in Maribor, Slovenia.

We work with farmers to find creative solutions to support their vital profession of growing healthy food for the whole population. Agriculture must be in tune with the environment in order to guarantee a sustainable future for our planet.

We place great value on protecting the environment and using technology that is friendly to nature. For this reason we work on developing alternative solutions and improving existing technology. The time is ripe for change. As the uptake in use of electric and hybrid vehicles increases substantially every year, there is a growing acceptance and positivity towards electric vehicles by the general population.

ATI collaborates with industrial production partners, in order to supply the world-wide market with a wide range of electrically driven agricultural machines. ATI’s mission is to create technology that contributes to sustainable agriculture.


The strength of our vision lies in its simplicity and the importance that drives us forward: “BEST IN CLASS


A winning team shapes our thinking and actions


Stand-alone company, which is profit-oriented and growth-oriented


Durable, stable customer relationship


We always go a step further


Responsible behavior


We want to promote environmental awareness

Bedano (Switzerland)



Hanspeter Müller
President of the Board

Eros Grandi
Board Member


Eros Grandi

Ing. Patrick Grandi
Head Production and R&D